Equipping. Counseling. Discerning. Strengthening. Encouraging.


Hands Raised Blue Sky

Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works
in man’s behalf!   [Psalm 66:5]


“The truth of God’s Word is presented in such a clear way. It has been easy to understand and so very practical. It’s where the rubber meets the road of daily life.”

“Applying God’s truth to our lives made our marriage healthy again. Hope For Life is dedicated to effectively teaching God’s truths to hurting couples and families. The frequency of family breakdown, even among Christians, gives this ministry a vital role in the kingdom of God. There is new life in our relationship because we were shown biblical principles and how they alone could infuse new joy and fullness into our marriage. Our lives have been changed for the better forever.”

“I highly recommend the counseling of Hope For Life to everyone. Through this ministry, I have seen who I am and who God wants me to be. I have been given biblical principles and taught how to apply them to my life right where I am now.”

“I thank God for the biblical counseling I have received through Hope For Life. Because of their biblical teaching and knowledge of the Word of God, I have been able to build a solid foundation for my life. My desires and beliefs have changed, and I no longer put my hope in people as I once did. Hope For Life has taught me to put my hope in God alone.”

“The Lord has truly blessed me through this counseling ministry, and my life bears witness to it. Hope For life is an organization that is reunifying families, restoring hope, and teaching people how to live victorious lives through Christ Jesus.”

“I have personally taken part in Hope For Life’s biblical counseling, and I know firsthand the transforming power of God’s Word in confronting my own sin and in providing the hope of grace. Now, more than ever, people are thirsty for truth. The ministry of Hope For Life provides that truth through love, hope, and the healing power found only in the Word of God.”

“Having been involved in ministry for over twenty years, I have found that there is a desperate need for true biblical counseling. Although there are a number of places where Christians can receive counseling, I have not been successful in finding many counselors who base their counseling solely on the Word of God. Mark Baker has been an exception. I have referred many people to Mark and have subsequently witnessed a dramatic change in their hearts and lives. As Mark has patiently listened to them and then asked them to view their struggles in light of what God’s Word says about Himself and about how they relate to Him, true change has occurred. As a result of the godly counsel they receive, those that are counseled are equipped with the tools to correctly deal with all issues in a way that is biblical, while at the same time experiencing a peace that surpasses understanding and guards their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”