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Is It Ridiculous For Christians To Emphasize The Bible?

Is It Ridiculous? The Ridiculous Emphasis Christians Place on the Bible. This was the title of an article recently posted on the Church Leaders website, written by Brian Jones, a pastor. 1 My first thought on seeing the title went something like this: It can’t be … surely this is […]

Right & True

Men And Women Of The Bible

“In such an age as this, when there is abroad so much loose thinking, lax living, and lop-sided teaching, few things are so important as that Christians should be men and women of the Bible – stayed on it, and steeped in it … We stand, as it were, on […]

2 Kinds of Hope

  Suffering, conflict, and pain are universal. We are all guaranteed to experience hardship. Yet, some people handle difficulties far better than others. What makes the difference? Simply this: how well equipped we are according to God’s wisdom and truth as revealed in His written Word. What is the source […]