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We Would Not Be Married

1 Corinthians 13 Scripture Art


Recently, as a young couple was leaving my office after counseling, the wife suddenly stopped, turned around, and exclaimed, “I just want you to know that we would not be married if it weren’t for you.”

Of course, these were wonderful words to hear, affirming yet again what God does through His Word. But, they also gave me an opportunity to better clarify what Hope for Life is all about.

I was able to explain that the “you” is not merely “me.” Instead, it is actually much more of a “we.”

God, first and foremost, gets all the glory; nothing good happens apart from Him. Yet there is another crucial component behind this recurring scenario that is an often overlooked aspect of the mission of Hope for Life. Because this couple could not, in any way, afford to pay for counseling, I was able to share with them that without so many people generously supporting Hope for Life, they would not have received the help they needed in their time of crisis. In other words, along with God Himself, they have many others to thank for their marriage being saved.


The reality is–when it comes to biblical counseling and the mission of Hope for Life–this ministry cannot function with just a single person. For biblical counseling to happen, let alone be fruitful, there are many people who must be involved.

  1. Of course, the primary Person is the Counselor, the Holy Spirit. What kind of counsel or change would happen apart from God and His Word of truth?
  2. The human counselor who loves others by depending on the Counselor and His Word, faithfully sharing the truth of God’s perfect counsel.
  3. Churches and individuals within the Church who graciously partner with a ministry that faithfully counsels and equips others.


The couple whose marriage was saved because of the counsel they received from Hope For Life is just one of many examples–literally, one of hundreds over the years–where an individual, a couple, or a family were strengthened or even rescued through the counsel and equipping they received –although they could not afford to pay for it.

Many counseling services (Christian or otherwise) charge upwards of $150 per session, and often more. It goes without saying that very few can afford this. In contrast, from the first day the ministry of Hope For Life started, we have never charged a fee for biblical counseling. Instead, we have committed to operating on a donation only basis. We believe that God has called us to provide the hope of His Word free of charge, and that it should be available to anyone in need.

We have found that when people are struggling, often it is across the board–relationally, spiritually, and financially. The problems in these areas are frequently interrelated. Therefore, many people that need counseling and equipping are unable to pay for it–a truly terrible place to be. What they need then is for the body of Christ to come alongside them with help and support. Which is where you come in …


We are asking that you join with us–as a family or as a church–in ministering to and strengthening those in need through God’s Word of life. The Board of Hope for Life has created The Hope Fund for those needing godly counsel but who are unable to donate to the ministry. We ask that you would prayerfully consider contributing to the needs of others by giving to the The Hope Fund. Perhaps you might also consider encouraging your church to partner with Hope for Life as we counsel and equip the Body of Christ as a whole.

Hope for Life’s focus is not merely to provide counseling or to just solve current problems. Instead, It is to share the Good News and make disciples by encouraging and equipping the Church to be “more than overcomers,” and to provide these crucial elements of the “Great Commission” without requiring payment. But we cannot do this alone. Such a great endeavor, Christ’s Commission, requires many helping hands.

If you would like to provide life-giving counseling and discipleship to people in need, please consider partnering with us by contributing to The Hope Fund. Your giving will go directly towards changing lives and producing real and lasting fruit—fruit that has been evident for well over a decade here in our community, and beyond. You may never know who you will help encourage and disciple, but you can be confident that your giving will make an eternal difference.


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