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8 Types of Reconciliation We often think in “binary” terms when it comes to reconciliation—that a relationship is either reconciled – or not. While it isn’t wrong to think that way at times, it is also important to understand that any reconciliation attempt can have many potential destinations. Just as […]

13 Marks of Manipulators and Abusers

  13 MARKS OF MANIPULATORS & ABUSERS When it comes to relationships, there is an extremely common misconception that forgiveness equals trust. Or, that once forgiveness is offered, the relationship in question is now reconciled. But in reality (and according to Scripture), these concepts are very different and distinct. In […]

Real Reconciliation

Cutting Through The Confusion When it comes to reconciliation, we have a tendency to confuse vertical reconciliation with horizontal reconciliation. As a result, the process of how to truly reconcile with others can be misconstrued. Worse yet, the gospel itself can be distorted. Such confusion and error leads to all […]

New Marriage Classes

Does your marriage need a tune-up? Or are you struggling in a difficult relationship, as you wonder what God’s design and intent for marriage really is? Maybe you’re single and hoping to prepare your heart for what God may have for you in the future. Wherever you’re at in your […]

Love & Respect: Biblical?

 Love and Respect. Wildly popular and a continuing bestseller. So, is it a biblical and helpful book, or just another “spirit of the age” fad deceiving and hurting many? How do we establish which one it is? Well, let’s exercise our biblical discernment to find out. What we do know […]