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The Shack: A Watershed Moment

The Shack has been referred to both as one of the greatest Christian books of all time, and as the “greatest deception foisted on the church in the last 200 years.” At first, that profound disagreement may not make sense. But, in an increasingly polarized society and Church, this sharp division […]

True Love or Manipulation? A Critique of the Best-Selling Book Love & Respect

True love. What is it? How do we define it? Is there a difference between what the world says love is and what Scripture says? First Corinthians 13, arguably the most well-known definition of love in the Bible, gives us a straightforward list of what love–real love–looks like. And right […]

Love & Respect: Biblical?

 Love and Respect. Wildly popular and a continuing bestseller. So, is it a biblical and helpful book, or just another “spirit of the age” fad deceiving and hurting many? How do we establish which one it is? Well, let’s exercise our biblical discernment to find out. What we do know […]