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Marriage Classes

Marriage for The Wise, Vintage Photo
Marriage For The Wise

Marriage. Some couples are just starting out, while others haven’t even begun. Many “veterans” are struggling, or may just need a tune-up. Others would say their marriages are good, but they desire to be even better.

Do any of these describe you and your marriage? If so (and even if you are not married yet), this biblical equipping class may be just what you need.

In Marriage For The Wise, we will learn:

  • The perfect design for marriage (i.e., God’s design)
  • How to create more loving and godly unity in your marriage and in your home
  • How to protect against the things that divide your marriage
  • How to bring more love, joy, and peace into your home, along with how to get rid of stress, strife, and resentment
  • God-given marital roles for husbands and wives and how to thrive in those roles
  • How to lovingly communicate
  • How to handle conflict so that you always have hope, blessings, and growth
  • How to make covenants that ease the challenges of marriage and life
  • What the 5 vital areas are that marriages have in common, and how to grow in them
  • How to be better parents–and how to raise godly, faithful, and responsible children
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